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In order to participate in The Mongol Rally, each team is required to donate a minimum of £1000 towards charity. Half the money goes to The Mongol Rally's selected charity, Cool Earth, while the rest can be donated to the charity of our choice with the sky as the fundraising limit.

It goes without saying that this rally won't be cheap. There are some significant costs associated with participating, such as purchasing a car and shipping it from Israel to Europe. Then there's the cost of gas, tune-ups, and regular maintenance along the way (we're anticipating at least a couple breakdowns). In addition, we also have to eat, sleep, and maybe shower. 

The fundraising will be broken down as follows:

- Personal donations will go 100% towards our charities: Cool Earth and Save a Child's Heart.

- Donations to Cool Earth will be capped at £500 (about $650), and the remainder of donations will go towards Save a Child's Heart.

- Sponsorship and donations by businesses will go towards covering costs of the rally, unless otherwise requested. A tax receipt can be issued on request for donations above $200.

We're counting on getting sponsorships to cover most of the costs of the rally itself so that the majority of the donations can go towards Save A Child's Heart and Cool Earth.

Please also note that PayPal has a 2.9% fee + $0.30 per transaction, so this amount will be deducted from each individual donation.

For all sponsorship requests, or to request that your donations are allocated fully to either Save A Child's Heart or Cool Earth, please email us at

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