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"Well-behaved women seldom make history."

- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


So, what's this rally all about anyways?

The Mongol Rally is an insane, extravagant, and totally wild intercontinental car race. The rally begins in Europe and ends in Ulan Ude, Russia. The rally rules are simple: the car you use must have an engine less than 1200cc, teams are unsupported and free to choose their own route, and each team needs to raise money for charity in order to participate. Safe to say, we're going to have an adventure of a lifetime, cross a few things off the ol' bucketlist, and come back with a few stories (and hopefully not too many scars).

About Us

We're three girls who decided to move across the globe to the vibrant, international city of Tel Aviv. Between the three of us, we've traveled to dozens of countries, met hundreds of inspiring travelers, and explored places our moms probably would probably scold us for. We are girls, and we are not afraid of exploring, adventuring, and stepping way, way outside of our comfort zones. We plan on traveling over 10,000 miles across the globe in the hopes of empowering other women to do the same. Fear be damned.

Our goals are simple

  1. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime

  2. Inspire women to take the leap and travel the world

  3. If that's not enough, we're also gonna raise $20,000*


      *and that's just our starting goal

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The Mongol Rally: 

A Brief Guide

Our charities

Nashiri Azizi Msham ABDALLA Hannah SENG

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) is an Israel-based international non-profit organization with the mission of improving the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children in developing countries and creating international centers of competence. SACH's goal is to improve the health and welfare of all children, regardless of the child's nationality, religion, color, gender or financial situation.  SACH holds preoperative and follow up cardiology clinics in Israel and abroad on a weekly basis, offers a comprehensive training program within Israel for doctors and nurses from developing countries and leads surgical and teaching missions to partner countries. To date, Save a Child's Heart has saved the lives of more than 4,800 children from 57 countries in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East, and trained more than 120 medical team members from these countries. 

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Cool Earth

Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. The charity doesn't believe in creating reserves or putting up fences. They don’t buy land. Instead, they put local people back in control of their forest. Cool Earth's approach is so effective because they put people, not trees, first. By partnering with rainforest communities to improve quality of life, this enables them to protect their surrounding forests from threats such as commercial logging, commercial agriculture, and extractive industries. By developing local livelihoods, Cool Earth's mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. They aim to create strong, self-determining communities – not dependency. Since 2007, Cool Earth has worked in all three rainforest biomes – the Congo Basin, Amazonia, and Oceania.

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Save a Child's Heart

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